1. Anonymous said: hey sorry if it's been aleady asked but what kind of brush have you used for that last comic about ahri and malcolm?


    Hi! I’ve updated my brush pack, and have compiled the stuff into a handy dandy sheet. Click on the image to grab the expanded version, and grab my brush pack here.

    (the one you’re interested in is called ‘iS_antialiased’)

    The sources of several of these brushes are as follows:
    Algenpfleger , Houston Sharp, Paul Scott (from the ‘Using Reference Imaginatively’ pack)


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  3. silissu:

    who ever said that making friends online is easier is a liar

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  4. How big should you make your art?


    I’ve noticed some digital artists out there who just kind of guess when choosing the dimensions of their artwork. Trying to understand ppi, dpi, print dimensions, and resolution can send you down a rabbit hole of complexity likely to break your brain.  

    If you are creating an image only for the web, it is really up to you how big you want to make it. The only relevant dimensions are the pixels. Print size and pixels per inch are of no consequence. A 1920x1080 300ppi image will be the same as a 1920x1080 600ppi image. Your screen only cares about pixel dimensions.

    If you plan to print your image, that is where things can get complicated.

    Here is the simple version…

    First you need to determine the maximum size that your work may be printed. Here are the most commonly used sizes for poster prints. 


    Now you need to know the brand of printer that will be used. Typically it will be Epson, HP, or Canon.

    For Epson printers…

    • Input the width and height. 
    • Input a resolution of 360 pixels per inch.

    For Canon, HP, and most other printers…

    • Input the width and height. 
    • Input a resolution of 300 pixels per inch.

    So let’s say you are in photoshop and you want your art to be printed at 11” x 17” on an Epson printer. This is how you should create your document. 


    If you do not know how your work will be printed, I recommend erring on the side of “too big.” If you end up having to enlarge your work, it could result in some quality loss. 

    Read More

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  5. fox-orian:


    Doing digital art requires computer hardware to do it. And you can honestly start doing digital work on any computer you already own, whether it be an over-the-counter desktop or laptop, even over 5 years old!

    But, if you’re getting more serious about digital art and you…

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  6. Clip Studio Paint 70% Sale!!



    Clip Studio Paint is the digital American version of Manga Studio 5

    For the next 5 days, you have a chance to get this awesome art program for $15 ♥

    I’ve had it for about a year and I totally recommend it!


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    Permission granted…

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  8. PSA for everyone writing term research papers right now




    Mendeley is the greatest program ever

    I want to weep with joy every time I use it

    Just click a button when you pull up an article and it will automatically save it to your library

    And cite it for you

    And you can use it on your mobile devices

    And it’s free

    Just download it and you won’t have so many urges to kill everyone in sight while writing a research paper


    Thank you so much!

    for the students

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  9. vocaloidpics:

    David Letterman is going to have a fascinating guest on The Late Night Show October 8th…

    That’s right! It’s the blue-haired diva herself HATSUNE MIKU!!!! 

    The official MIKU EXPO Twitter announced that the popular variety late night talk show, starring David Letterman and Paul Shaffer, will have Miku perform to show off the technologies of how a live concert would work. This is likely to promote the MIKU EXPO event which takes place a few days after that show. 

    It’s good to know that Miku is expanding to places we never thought imaginable! 

    (Info taken from MikuFan)

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  10. okolnir said: HEY HELLO i read your cintiq woes and I'm sorry to hear the trouble ;-; if you dont mind me intruding, I personally prop it up at 75-80*, and a little further into the desk so I can rest my elbow on the desk, the pinkie end of my knuckle against the cintiq, and maneuver the pen using my first 3 fingers only, with the knuckle as my pivot. or for longer lines, my elbow as pivot. I feel like this would be a relaxed stance since very few muscles are actually involved in maintaining grip. good luck!



    thank you so much Shilin! I actually haven’t tried this yet but it seems like an excellent idea (Ive had mine right on the edge of my desk so I’m sure that’s contributing to the soreness I’ve been getting in my forearm area) 
    I’ll probably let my arms rest up for a little while and give that a try before I give up on the cintiq all together, because I really do love it and wish with all my heart that I could use it without ruining my arms! I’m also publishing it so that anyone else that’s dealt with similar problems might try it this way!

    I’m going to reblog this here too since it’s posted, I hope it might be helpful for anyone who is fighting a downhill battle with their cintiqs or are looking for ideas on how to deal with such a big chunk of metal on their regular size desk! I’ve also changed my setup earlier this year since I took down my gargantuan desk and I want to share my current setup: (please ignore my tetris keyboard)



    I feel that putting the cintiq up this way, rather than flat on the desk or at a lower (<45*) incline, saves space and prevents the user from hunching over the cintiq to induce neck/back/shoulder strain, as well as minimize your contact with the cintiq screen (for heat complaints), all the while still allowing you to rest the weight of your arms on multiple points, just as you normally would be able to if you were drawing on paper. when I need to draw pages on paper, I still have enough drawing room by shoving the keyboard in.

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